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Four4 Music Academy

Mark's ultimate goal as a teacher is to create versatile and independent musicians who can learn, play and create new music on their own. This is what the Four4 Music Academy aims to achieve. 

Students work through the Supersonics Piano Method; and through the Musico app, they are provided with video lessons for every piece they work on, including demonstrations, audio backing tracks and sheet music. 

Students are motivated to progress through the method book, achieving each module as the go, Pieces can be signed off during lessons or students can upload their own video or audio to be signed off outside of lesson time. They are then also free to move ahead with more advanced video lessons if they are capable rather than waiting for their weekly lesson.. 

Once students are past the 'beginner' stage of playing, an examination process is encouraged as this provides concrete progression and results every 6 to 12 months. In saying that, if the pressures of examinations are not your style or do not fit your goals then that is totally fine, it is not a necessary route to follow in order to become an accomplished musician.

Theory is always taught concurrently with any instrumental lesson, but the theory focus may change depending on the genre and style we are playing.  


Academy Structure

Students enrol in a programme of music study. Tuition is paid monthly in twelve instalments.

  • 30 minute lessons

  • 40 lessons each calendar year. 

  • Online and/or in person. 

  • Flexibility in lesson scheduling around other commitments (school exams, work, holidays).

  • Demonstration videos, audio, sheet music and backing tracks provided for all pieces. 

  • Video analysis and feedback.

COST: $3200 p/year, or $290 paid monthly

Casual Lessons

Lessons that are one-off, short term, or pay-as-you-go.

  • 30 or 60 minutes long. 

  • Online and/or in-person

  • Lesson notes and sheet music provided online. 

  • Backing tracks created for Music Theatre. 

COST: $90 per hour

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